Alcohol aka The Family Disease

Your family may be at risk! Alcohol has the potential to destroy families. Relationships are built on trust and the person addicted to alcohol usually lies and blames others for their problems; they are often in denial and the deterioration of trust damages the relationship. Don’t let alcohol destroy your family!

Problems with alcohol DO NOT resolve themselves and solutions to family problems usually require participation from all family members. If you or your family have suffered from alcohol misuse, help is available to you. Please schedule your free consultation. Support groups and counseling can benefit family members affected by someone else’s alcohol abuse. Let us assist you with community resources that are available to you; such as, substance abuse counseling, detox facilities, and healthcare assistance.

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 Highway Safety, DUI Responsibility & Awareness Course

It is the belief of FHLOC, that when a person knows better, they are more apt to do better!

This course was designed to educate participants with information to equip them with better decision making tools concerning alcohol and driving and to avoid the negative consequences of driving under the influence.

This presentation will empower individuals to be responsible while operating a vehicle on U.S. highways and enlighten their understanding of the long term affects of alcohol on the body, family, and finances.

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DUI Course Overview

This 4 hour highway safety DUI responsibility and awareness presentation will impact statistical references of highway safety, related to driving under the influence of illicit and other mood/mind altering substances.  

  • A visual representation of DUI effects, systematic effects, and its impact on others.
  • Awareness to address long-term alcohol use and the serious consequences on the body, family, and finances. A self-assessment test compels participants to evaluate themselves and educates on the resources that are available.
  • Highway safety statistics entail the traffic fatalities in various age groups resulting from drinking and driving, the blood alcohol concentration, and its relationship to traffic fatalities.
  •  The DUI component addresses the legal ramifications of drinking and driving and the fines and fees associated.
  • A 29 minute video; DUI The Hard Truth
  • This training course will prepare participants on how to gauge their status, prevent high risk behaviors, and to critically explore self-inventory.
  • Q&A
  • Survey (Feedback)
  • A Certificate of Completion will be granted upon completion
  • 1 hour free follow-up consultation with a licensed therapist (to be scheduled for later date)
  • May reduce legal ramifications, ask your judge and/or probation officer before-hand.
  • Cost $299.00

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Alcohol Awareness

Alcoholism is the physical and/or mental dependency on alcohol. If you find yourself regularly thinking about your next drink, or if you’ve tried to cut back on drinking and have not been able to succeed, you may have alcohol addiction. 

In this section, you will learn:


  • Symptoms of alcoholism / alcohol addiction
  • Affects of alcohol: heart, brain, liver, cancer
  • What is alcoholic liver disease (ALD)?
  • 3 stages of ALD and the symptoms
  • What is binge drinking?
  • What is heavy drinking?
  • Casual drinking vs, alcoholism
  • 10 warning signs you’re an alcoholic
  • Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  • Self-assessment alcohol use disorder identification test

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Highway Safety, DUI Responsibility & Awareness Course $299